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Majestic white spruces glowing by sunlight
Majestic white spruces glowing by sunlight

Snow or Winter Storm

Before A Storm

Arrange for am emergency heat supply in case of power failure

Prepare auto, battery-powered equipment, food, heating fuel and other supplies.

Prepare a car winter survival kit (refer to Prepare Your Vehicle section) and keep car fuel tank half full

During and After the Storm

At home, stay in your house; use your emergency supplies kit and avoid travel.

Dress warmly and wear multiple layers of protective, loose fitting clothing, scarves, mittens and hoods.

If in cold, cover your mouth and nose to protect lungs from extremely cold air.

Avoid overexertion; heart attacks are a major cause of death during and after storms (shoveling has led to heart attacks so don’t overdo it)

Beware of the chill factor if winds are present

Be prepared for isolation at home and make sure you can survive for a week or two in case a storm isolates you and makes it impossible for you to leave.

If Trapped in Your Car

Stay in your car for visibility and warmth; do not try to walk out

Use a candle for warmth.

Run the motor for only 10 minutes each hour for a heat with rear window open slightly for ventilation.

Make sure the exhaust pipe is not blocked.

Change position frequently.

Stay alert and do not let all occupants of the car sleep at once.

About 70 percent of winter deaths related to snow and ice occur in automobiles. Travel by car in daylight, don’t travel alone, keep others notified of your schedule, and stay on main roads.